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Tinder for Couples – Make Sex Life Great Again

Tinder for couples – refers to a dating platform where married couples can find the third or even more people to have sex related activities together. Couples who swap partners for sex or sexually engage with others at the same time are swinger couples. And this lifestyle is now trending as swing lifestyle. Read More

Want to join Swingers Party? – Here Are the Guidelines for Those Curious

Swingers party somehow equals to a sex party which involves group sex with strangers in many people's eyes. Is that really what is all about for a swingers party? How to spot swingers near you and join a swinging party? You may have a lot questions like the above regarding the mysterious swinger party. Read More

How to Find Swingers Club Near Me to Party – Advice for Swinging Fun Seekers

You must have noticed that swinging life style has been trending these couples of years, but it is still not a topic that can be discussed officially. Thus if you are a curious couples or singles who want to give the lifestyle a try, you may have some trouble getting into this brand new world. Read More

Threesome for Couples – Make It An Unforgettable Experience In Your Life

We must admit that people these days are open minded and true to themselves in terms of sex life. Some people are just curious about this and want to explore something new and exciting. And some swinging couples are trying this way to save their marriage since sex may be boring with the same person...Read More

What is An Open Relationship?

You should have heard of the term "open relationship" already even if you are not a fan of this lifestyle. It is so popular nowadays that you will be considered as old fashioned if you don't even know... Read More

Thrinder or 3nder – the Threesome Finder for Swingers

Many people who are seeking for a threesome would search for "thrinder" online. Why? Thrinder or 3nder used to be a popular threesome app for those open minded people to hookup with each other. Read More

Swinging Bi Couples - Can An Open Relationship Save A Marriage?

If you and your partner feel that there is something lacking in the bedroom it may mean that you are ready to explore with other people either together or separately. Read More