Swing Life Story from Real Mature Swingers

Have you heard of swinging? In case you didn't know, swinging is not only a pastime in the local park. You see, it is composed of a massive community of individuals who are engaged in sexual relationships as a social or recreational activity. The best part here is that it's more flourishing than you may assume. Writer Daniel Stern of Swing land, a swinging expert, described that there are approximately fifteen million swingers internationally.

One would be struggling to identify which of your peers, friends, coworkers, or even family members are clandestinely swinging at first look. He mentioned that most swingers are the ones you didn't think of, such as police officers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and even lawyers. In short, it's every walk of life.

swing life story

A Story of a Real-Life Swinger Will Shock You

Stern first considered swinging at the age of late twenties. He, in fact, considered himself awkward and bad at sex. He then considered seeking out some sexual advices and practice before he landed into another relationship. Hence, we perked up after hearing one of his peers mentioned: "The Lifestyle" at a certain party he attended. He wanted to go to the party after hearing the description of having a sensual fantasyland. Nonetheless, finding the place itself and accessing all its perks were different accomplishments for him.

He spent months fawning himself to the swingers he met just to prove he was not just one of those single men seeking a quickie. He mentioned as well that horrendous single male behavior is very common among those "Lifestylers." Often, they are selfish, extremely rude, and pushy. Stern took a while before he finally got in.

But there are more surprises after he was inside. He was shocked by what he discovered after he was completely inside the swinging world. Stern mentioned that he had predetermined assumptions of swingers that were not precisely gratifying or accurate.

One of the main stereotypes he had is that swingers are a group of libidinous scoundrels who simply want to have sex with anything with a heartbeat. Nonetheless, he discovered that swingers are only average men and women who may be a bit kinkier than most people and sometimes more accepting and easy-going.

One realization Stern had been that he has found swingers to be the most caring and accepting people he have come to known in his life. The reason behind this is because everyone is outside the norm of society. That's why these people understand.

Further, he discovered that The Lifestyle comes with a social hierarchy, which took him a while before realizing it. He stated that couples govern the sexual ecosystem of the swinging world. Likewise, single ladies are like unicorns and have carte blanche. It's the single men who are more likely to lack power in this culture, especially in a role reversal which is very shocking to outsiders. Men also tend to be only tolerated.

Stern admitted that he genuinely enjoyed the world of swinging as well as the social and sexual benefits it offers. However, he also admitted that swinging is not intended for everybody. Outing oneself as a member of an outcast group could bring a huge amount of mainstream social impacts. Most swingers noticed that they need to keep a double life. In short, you need to live two different lives, and that's truly beyond stressful and demanding.

He also advised people who are considering entering The Lifestyle to fix a part of their lives. Stern mentioned that some individuals are more likely to perceive swinging as a solution to a paltry sex life. Nonetheless, assuming swinging is a fast mode to achieve sex misses the point.

Keep in mind that The Lifestyle is all about those individuals seeking to have sex along with like-minded individuals. Any person who overlooks the people part of that formula will be excluded immediately that they can undress.

He also mentioned that it is typical for couples to try swinging as a last way to save their relationship. Nevertheless, doing so will amplify the relationship's death, given that communication and trust are essential to make it a swinging couple.

Essential Lessons You Can Learn from Swinging

Are you considering getting into swinging? Then there are vital things you need to keep in mind first. Keep in mind that before plunging on to the new sexual activity, you and your partner like to talk things out and ensure you both feel physically and emotionally safe to move forward.

• Don't feel pressured
Many individuals new to swinging do not have sex. They only want to watch. In a club, no literally means no. If you are not into it, feel free to say no. If you are a first timer, you can try going to bigger clubs where there are lots of swingers.

• Don't do it if your married life is having a hard time
In short, it will just make everything worse. Do you have a good marriage with your partner? You can dip your toes in the water then. Attend events or those meet and greets. Most of the swinger couples we have known have awesome marriages. Are you a single woman looking into the swinging world? Expect to find some of the best men ever. However, you need to take it slow and ensure you always take the standard dating protections.

• Ensure you have a good relationship starting out
This is for couples who want to enter the swinging culture. We recommend that you have a good relationship with your partner as it does not fix any broken relationships. Instead, it will only break them up quickly. Ensure you have regular chats with your partner or spouse before going into it. Understand the limits and rules before getting into a situation, as you cannot get disappointed or angry with your partner if you did not talk about it.

So, are you considering entering swinging? Always do a thorough research first before diving in and choose the swapfinder site wisely to enojoy full fun of this open lifestyle.