Swinging Bi Couples - Can An Open Relationship Save A Marriage?

If you and your partner feel that there is something lacking in the bedroom it may mean that you are ready to explore with other people either together or separately. This is a normal urge and feeling to consider and discuss. If you both agree and want to entertain and experiment then you need to follow these basic steps. If you through yourself into other people without any regard to yourself or your current partner you are bound to loose both. So, when you both are ready to have one hell of a sexy ride together then get smart and get open. Follow some rules so the open relationship may help a lot in your current marriage.

swinging bi couples

Discuss Your Sexual Boundaries

Knowledge is power when it comes to knowing what your body wants and what your body wants to give to others. You need to chat with your current partner to understand if there are any physical limitations with what can be done with other partners, male or female. You don't want to set yourself up for a bad experience or cross a line that you didn't know existed.

Discuss Your Emotional Boundaries

Because you already are in a relationship you need to understand that it isn't just your emotions that may be looking to explore. Your body and mind as well as your partner's body and mind will be exploring with other people. You set physical boundaries. So, it is probably fitting if you set emotional boundaries as well. You need to know what you and your partner are expecting emotionally from this journey.

Always Practice Safe Sex

If you are going to start having sex with same-sex and people of the opposite sex then you need to make sure that you are protected. You need to make sure that you don't contract anything or pass something on to someone else. That would ruin an otherwise amazing journey.

Be Open, Upfront, And Honest

You were open, upfront, and honest with your partner on your physical and emotional boundaries. At the same time, you also need to be open, upfront, and honest with any future partner on what you are both looking for. Last, you should be honest with yourself at each stage of the process. Each new person offers a new slice of life. It can shake up emotions and dislodge old or insert new thoughts.

Constantly And Continually Check-In With Your Partner

As you check-in with yourself you will need to check-in with your partner to see how they are handling everything as the relationships with others evolve and grow. Are they enjoying it? Are they learning something? Are they having fun?

Remember Your Relationship With Your Partner

Remember that you aren't single. This isn't a wild singles party. This is a swingers party. The point is to satisfy an urge that is growing between you guys, a fantasy, or secret desire. When you open yourself to someone other than your partner it needs to be with a very specific goal. Your aim is to return to your partner more experience and excited to see them. And as long as you start transparent you won't be able to wait to talk about everything and explore the next chapter together.