Tinder for Couples – Make Sex Life Great Again

Tinder for couples – refers to a dating platform where married couples can find the third or even more people to have sex related activities together. Couples who swap partners for sex or sexually engage with others at the same time are swinger couples. And this lifestyle is now trending as swing lifestyle. In short, Tinder for couples could be an online dating platform for swinger couples who enjoy the swing lifestyle to hookup with each other for swinger parties. Unlike traditional dating site that only servers singles that are looking for partners, the swingers websites serves both married swinger couples and bi sexual singles who are interested in a threesome or even group sex activities.

tinder for couples

The sex revolution

We can not imagine this kind of lifestyle back to the time when everyone pursued nothing but happy marriage with someone for a lifetime. But with the sex liberation which first began in the US from 1960s, many different kinds of alternative sexuality are gradually followed and accepted by open minded people. From public nudity to masturbation and any other forms of sex related activities like swinging, people are more and more open to these concepts. And they are more willing to give these new things a try rather than just accepting the ideas.

Why do couples dating together after married?

We all know that people used to be loyal to one partner and hope they can be happy ever after like in the fairy tale. Sadly, the truth does not go as we all expected and instead goes with the opposite direction. Most people confess that they don't even have sex life after years of marriage. You can see that the divorce rate is on the raise rapidly. No matter what reasons are for their divorce, people are starting to chase their quality of life and sex life.

We have to admit that it is a truth that people would lose passion in their sex life after they have married for years. Some married couple would make it a routine and some even do not have sex life since they don't have much desire for each other. It does not mean that they do not love each other anymore, it's just a hormone thing and it is nature. People always need something fresh to make them feel exciting. That's also the reason why people tend to have an affair with someone else outside their marriage. But this kind of cheating behavior sucks since it would be heart-breaking for the other half.

To save their marriage and find the lost passion for the swinging bi couples, they start to date together to find a third to join them in sex related activities. This really works and widely spread. You could see how people are actually turned on by swapping with different couples. That's the reason why more and more couples are joining to try the swing lifestyle.

The benefits of couples dating

This on the rise swing lifestyle has helped a great many couples find their lost passion. They now have the opportunity to enjoy great sex again by swinging partners with other couples. Or they can find a third who is bi-curious to have an exciting threesome together. By doing this, they can both enjoy the quality sex together and their marriage would be stable as it used to be. Different from cheating which there is only one of the partners has affair and enjoys sex with others secretly, swinging focuses on the point that both the partners involved can enjoy sex with others at the same time. Obviously, it works much better and is supported by more couples in love.

In other words, couples dating perfectly solved the issue of losing passion in sex for long married couples. They can both experience someone new in sex at the same time and keep their love with their original lover. Those new ones would help with the hormone and arouse their desire for sex. You can usually expect a high quality sex through swapping or swinging partners.

Besides, swinging lifestyle gives you the opportunity to explore more about the sexuality for you and your partner without any judgment. You can easily have fun in a swingers party. This may be the result of the sex liberation ever since 1960s. People are now bold enough to talk about and purse their quality of sex life. It is swinging lifestyle that makes the sex of those long married couples great again.

Things you should know before moving forward

However, there are certain rules that you need to know before you decide to give couples dating a try. These rules can assist you get along more well with the lifestyle. First of all, couple dating is actually built on mutual trust; make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. That's to say, you have both discussed and accepted the idea of couples dating. Once you or your partner have the idea of trying for couple dating, you should first talk with your partner about this and to see if you can both give it a go.

Secondly, set your level for your swing. You may have great expectation after you know all the benefits that swing lifestyle can bring. But be realistic since you may not have any experience in doing this. While your first swap, you may feel uncomfortable when others doing too much to your partner. So you can define your level such as to which extent you can accept. For experienced swingers, they do set the level as soft swap and full swap. For starters, maybe soft swap is more acceptable but that varies for different couples. Soft swap simply means no actual penetration with other people; there are only kissing or maybe oral sex involved. Once penetration comes into play, it's considered a full swap.

The last point we need to mention is the safety. It comes at last, but it is always the most important rule. Especially when you engaged in a full swap, do use condoms to protect yourself from being infected with sexual related disease. And if you are female, do protect yourself from getting pregnant. In all, do enjoy and explore more with your partner through couples dating. But always remember to take care of yourself.