Is Tinder for Swingers? The Best Choice for Swinger Couples Dating

Swinging can be defined as a sexual practice where singles, as well as committed couples, engage in sexual activities with other singles or couples as a part of socialization or recreation. The process may also involve swapping of the partners where one of the partners watches the other enjoying sexual intercourse or sometimes, oral sex, with other consenting singles, groups, or couples.

The swinging couples can enjoy time with each other at home or at some swinger parties as well. It is observed that such swinging relationships help couples to enjoy an enhanced quality of sex while improving the emotional and physical bond among them. These threesome or unicorn relationships are gaining huge popularity around the world these days. Moreover, instead of running a search for a swinger in the locality, couples in the modern age prefer using online dating apps to build solid connections. However, the selection of dating app for finding swingers must be done carefully.

tinder for swingers

Is Tinder good for swinger couples dating?

Chances are that you might be interested in threesome relationships and are trying to find a swinger using Tinder. Although some swingers may use Tinder, this is not the best recommendation for finding a third partner to enjoy swinging lifestyle. On the Tinder app, most people are interested to enter a normal dating relationship. Some of them are not aware of the swing lifestyle and may not even understand the concept behind it. Therefore, you may not find the desired partner on this app.

In terms of features, you can not set your profile as couples looking for a third or couple looking for another couple on Tinder. You can only create an attractive profile to seek the attention of men or women. You can list the characteristics that you demand from the dream partner and the dislikes as well. But the true fact is that very few people go through the detailed profile on the Tinder app; most of them prefer using the swipe feature to find new connections. Or in simple words, we can say that most of the people on Tinder try to initiate conversations or connections based on the appearance.

In this large pool of youngsters looking for a partner to enjoy normal dating, you may find it difficult to identify a swinger who can add spice to your existing relationship. This is the main reason why experts advise considering some niche dating app instead of Tinder for finding a swinger.

Why niche swinger site is the best choice for swingers?

When you are truly interested in swingers, there is no need to create a profile on general dating websites. Rather, you should choose the specific niche dating platform where you can connect to the real swingers who already know the meaning of such threesome relationships. A swinger website like breaks the orthodox mentality of society about dating while creating opportunities for swingers to connect to some attractive and fun-loving partners. This platform is loaded with couples that are interested to enjoy a swinging lifestyle and have already experienced some benefits of it. Therefore, you may find some experienced and enthusiastic partners on this niche dating website.

Some of you might be interested to know whether the platform has all those features that can enhance the swinging relationship experience or not. Well, below we have listed few interesting features of this website to help you make a confident decision about initiating a search for the desired partner on this platform:

• Find like-minded people
When you are specifically interested in swinging relationships, you may need a relevant platform to find partners with a similar mindset. This is not possible on general dating websites. But SDCSwinger is designed to serve your needs with ease. This platform is designed to serve swingers and bi-curious couples. Once you create a profile on this platform, you can find easy ways to socialize with like-minded people. They will understand your needs better without requiring any special explanation.

• Advanced filter options
SDCswinger is loaded with advanced filter options that can help you explore profiles of individuals as per your choice. You can decide whether you wish to mingle with some local swingers or wish to find partners from different corners of the world. Premium members can even access some high-level features to enjoy better search results.

• Seamless chatting
The website has an instant messaging feature as well as the hot live video chat that allows premium members to initiate chats and enjoy seamless conversations with other members. This site makes it easier for couples to find swingers that are ready to date singles and couples as well. The site has genuine profiles so you can directly send messages to the most relevant people to break the silence.

Other than this, the site keeps on hosting several events and parties to bring swingers closer to each other. As a result, you can find better opportunities to hook up with different swingers that can add more charm to your existing relationship.

Few dating tips for those who are new to swing lifestyle:

Those who are new to swinger dating might be interested to receive some tips from experts to proceed ahead safely. Well, the swinger lifestyle is full of fun and adventure. You can enjoy great sexual pleasure while swinging between various couples. However, here we have listed few necessary tips that you should follow to make this journey more memorable:

• In order to lead a successful swinging relationship, communication is the key among partners. This kind of dating experience gets better when partners have trust in each other; however, it becomes more troublesome when you are into pain and jealousy. All partners need to start with the same mindset and be open about communicating their specific desires.

• When couples enter this lifestyle, they are advised to set up clear boundaries and rules to move ahead. For instance, some couples allow swinging relationships just for foreplay that is often known as soft swapping. However, others encourage vaginal, oral, or anal sex with the swinger, this may be called full swapping. It is better to talk to your partner in advance about what kind of lifestyle you find comfortable.

• The last and most important tip is to start slow and proceed ahead safely. When you are ready to enjoy sex with swingers, it is necessary to practice safe sex. The best advice is to use dental dams, condoms and undergo regular tests to avoid symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases.

These simple tips and tricks may help you enhance the overall fun and satisfaction level in swinger dating.