What is An Open Relationship?

You should have heard of the term "open relationship" already even if you are not a fan of this lifestyle. It is so popular nowadays that you will be considered as old fashioned if you don't even know what this lifestyle is all about. It has been widely accepted by more and more open minded people and curious couples. Maybe you are also one of those who are curious and want to have a try for this lifestyle. Before you move on, let's see what an open relationship really is and how you can get into the world of open relationship easily.

open relationship

What's an open relationship?

There are mainly three different types of open relationship.

1) The Swing lifestyle. In this kind of relationship, both parties in a committed relationship can enjoy sexual activities with others at the same time. This often happens between swinger couples who swag wives or husbands and they enjoy sexual actives together. Or there are swinger couples looking for a third to join them with their sex life.

2) The open marriage. In an open marriage, the involved parties agree that their partners can have romantic or sexual relationships with other people.

3) The Polyamory. In this kind of relationship, people involved are aware and accept that there is more than one intimate relationship among them. It is the opposite of the traditional monogamous. Let's make it simple as you can have more than one lover and all of the lovers know and agree with this.

Why it gets so hot?

There might be reasons for something gets popular. Open relationship can be accepted and welcomed by so many people in recent years for good reasons. Some people with traditional thinking may treat it as cheating but is it? It's obviously not cheating. And to the contrary, the most important point in an open relationship is to be honest. If you can go back to the previous paragraph and check the definition of an open relationship you will see. All the activities happen under the premise of the awareness and acceptance of everyone involved in the relationship.

We know that someone will get hurt in a traditional monogamous relationship if one of them is cheating on the other. Because only one of them enjoys the fun but the other one will fell like being betrayed. However, within an open relationship, everyone can enjoy the wild fun together without someone being leftover. Some research even point out that open relationship like swinging may help reignite the passion between long married couples.

People who accept open relationship as their lifestyle may experience more excite moments than any others. It's a normal thing that your sex drive would decrease after you married a long time with someone. But let's be honest with your feelings that your romantic pursuits never ends. It's bad to hurt someone you love by cheating on them. But with open relationship, you can both pursuit the wild fun together without hearting anyone.


With the above knowledge of an open relationship, you can start your journey exploring the excitement with your partner now. And one last point we have to mention, always remember to practice safe sex while you are enjoying.